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Power Coffee: Prostate Complex combines 33 potent prostate protectors in one extraordinary formula. This unique solution relieves urinary symptoms, swelling, pain, and inflammation. Plus naturally boosting testosterone. Which also helps you enjoy better sleep, mood, and energy levels.

  • Pygeum Africanum - for reversing prostate enlargement. Stopping growth, keeping down swelling, and rapidly relieving pain.

  • Pumpkin Seed Extract - Packed with vitamins and “mighty minerals” like Zinc. For reducing urinary discomfort, soothing inflamation, and slashing chronic disease risk.

  • Saw Palmetto - A Native American “herbal hero” for a natural surge of testosterone. Stopping stress, plus restoring sleep, energy, and sexual function.

  • Recommended by leading GP and men’s health expert Dr. Paul O’Connell

  • Bye to 1-Mins Knacking❌

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These ingredients ensure safety and reliability


World-renowned as a potent aphrodisiac, the sensational Manuka honey is no new player. Charged by its high concentration of antioxidants and nutrients, it’s known for kick-starting performance like nothing else.

Circling back to 4,000 years ago, ancient Babylon knew it well – honeymooners were urged to sip on mead, a honey-infused brew believed to amplify stamina, virility, and fertility. It’s amazing how something so sweet can be so powerful!


Originating from the lush Amazon, Guarana truly sparks a buzz! Known for its versatility, it plays a crucial role in promoting weight reduction and boosting athletic prowess. And that’s not all! Laden with stimulating characteristics, it’s your go-to remedy for fending off both mental and physical weariness. Guarana truly is an Amazonian gem!


Meet Fleeceflower, also known as “Polygoni Multiflori Preparata,” an ancient Chinese botanical marvel. Cited first in Chinese literature back in 713 AD, this herb resonates within the realm of natural wellness. It is hailed for its prowess in rejuvenating vitality, rekindling strength, and bestowing a youthful glow. This could be your secret elixir to timeless vigour!


As the wheels of time turn, men often grapple with dwindling testosterone levels, which can tamper with their vigour, sap their energy, hike their body fat, and stir up mental sluggishness.

Enter Tongkat Ali, named intriguingly as “Ali’s walking stick,” a plant native to the Malaysian rainforests. Known primarily for its prowess in fuelling drive and passion, this could be the revitalizing ally you’ve been looking for!


Meet Maca Root – regarded as one of the planet’s awe-inspiring “superfoods”. It shares its lineage with healthy greens like broccoli and cabbage, being part of the cruciferous family. Power-packed with benefits, Maca Root is renowned for harmonizing hormone levels and energizing your overall health – it can be your all-in-one health booster. Plus, it’s a mighty warrior for your immune system.

But the good news doesn’t stop there! Maca Root is also your go-to helper in boosting fertility, for both men and women. Truly one of nature’s wonders.


Suoyang shines as a golden star in the world of natural remedies, especially when it comes to increasing desires and intensifying energy.

You’re not just getting a herb. You’re getting an ancient secret used for centuries across continents, a reliable ally in the quest for strengthened vitality and passion. So, prepare to welcome a sprightly verve and heightened desire into your life with the remarkable Suoyang.

Pygeum Africanum:

The bark of the “African Cherry Tree.” Stops and reverses prostate enlargement.

By calming the enzyme 5-AR, which can cause swelling and growth. Plus it works like a natural antibiotic!

Curbing inflammation and building back immunity...

For rapid pain relief and dramatic improvements to quality of life.

Pumpkin Seed Extract:

A potent inflammation blocker. Helps break down harmful metabolites, which can cause blockages in your prostate.

What’s more, it’s bursting with Zinc. A “mighty mineral” for quickly stopping bladder problems...

And plummeting chronic disease risk.

Saw Palmetto:

This “herbal hero” protects your prostate from hormone disruptors. And works like medication - without the nasty side effects.

For improved bladder control, better “flow strength”...

And preventing problems like incontinence and frequent urination.

For daily relief and recovery.

Medical research and support

According to data from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a staggering revelation has emerged: in Western countries, as many as 30% to 50% of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Initially overlooked, this issue worsens over time, potentially leading to the loss of valuable sexual function.

In a bid to completely change this situation, the University of Delaware Medical Center has partnered with l Center, uniting medical elites for collective development. The result? This groundbreaking product! Its mission: Restore testosterone levels, promote blood flow to the penis, and sustain long-lasting erections.

Solve the problem fundamentally and restore the 28-year-old man to his peak function! Gradually solve your ED problem!

 After a comprehensive five-year longitudinal study, as reported in the "American Journal of Science," it has been determined that the primary root causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) in American men stem mainly from vascular issues, endocrine imbalances, and prostate diseases. Vascular issues account for 75.28%, endocrine problems for 8.95%, and prostate diseases for 12.61%. Among erectile dysfunction patients, multiple coexisting conditions are also prevalent.

Safety experiments and expert analysis

With the assistance of 2400 volunteers with erectile dysfunction at the University of Delaware Medical Center, we conducted the following experimental data. 86.5% of patients with vascular diseases can achieve an erection within half an hour. Additionally, 13.5% of ED patients are unable to achieve an erection due to prostate diseases. We drew the following conclusion: patients without prostate diseases can achieve normal erections.

Dr. Gavin Harrison

 Director of California Sexual Medicine

Founder of former Institute for Sexual Medicine at YU

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