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This gadget saves your countertop and a bunch of cleanup time!


Waterproof Silicone and Odor-free: Unlike cloth-made guards that absorb water and become damp, the silicone splash guard is completely waterproof, preventing any build-up of moisture or odors.

Cut to Size and Easy to Install: The fitting faucet handle drip catcher tray is incredibly easy and requires no special tools or expertise. Simply cut to size, attach it to your faucet, and start to enjoy sink protectors for kitchen sink and convenience.

5° Slope Self-Draining Design: Features a unique 5° slope design, drip catcher for sink faucets ensures easy self-draining. No more standing water or soggy messes in your sink!

Convenient Sink Organizers: With the added no-slip shelf feature, you can store dish soap, sponge, or other accessories in one convenient location, freeing up valuable counter space.

Silicone Sink Faucet Mat - Upgraded 5° Slope-style Design

  • 5° Slope-style Self-Draining Design
  • No More Standing Water All Over Your Counter

The upgraded sink splash guard faucet handle drip catcher tray features a 5° sloping design, which perfectly catches drips and redirects them to the sink, a real drip catcher sink protector for kitchen sink for sink faucet to prevent a wet mess. Practical kitchen gadgets, bathroom organizer, kitchen island supplies, RV accessories.

Sink Splash Guard Behind Faucet - Super Easy to Use

  • Simply Cut to the Size You Desired
  • Easily Fit the Splash Guard to Almost Any Faucet Size

The upgraded cuttable opening design enables the faucet handle drip catcher tray to meet different sizes of single-hole faucets, cut it to the size you need, and tight fit it around the faucet, with no water damage on the counter. saves you time but also gives you complete control over your sink's protection. Real sink protectors for the kitchen sink!

Faucet Handle Drip Catcher Tray - All-in-One Kitchen Gadgets

  • Work as A Sponge and Soap Holder
  • Sink Organizers to Save Your Money and Space

For the kitchen: Put a sponge, dish soap, detergent, brush, and bottle on the kitchen faucet splash guard.

For the bathroom: put facial cleanser, and toothbrush cup on the sink splash guard.

Multiple Usages

The kitchen accessories sink faucet splash guard is widely used where liquid splashing needs to be prevented.

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Farmhouses
  • RVs
  • Laundry Room
  • Cafes
  • Farmhouses
  • Bars
  • etc.

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