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KLorraine Houston, USA

I was upset about my missing teeth, especially with an upcoming party. However, Thermoformable Teether changed everything! It was easy to form and filled the gaps seamlessly, making me feel comfortable throughout the party. Thanks to this great product, I regained my confidence at parties!

Erwan Chomsky, UK
I've changed my life using Thermoforming Teethers! This temporary filling fits the contours of my mouth perfectly, is easy and convenient to use, and its thermoforming process allows me to customize my teether to fit comfortably throughout the day without having to worry about my dentures slipping or causing irritation! Let me enrich my confidence

Custom fit: Thermoplastic teethers can be customized to fit the contours of your individual mouth, ensuring fit and comfort.
Natural appearance: Thermoplastic gutta-percha is similar to natural teeth and looks natural and beautiful after restoration.
Long-term stability: Thermoplastic gutta-percha stays firmly on the gums without slipping or shifting.
Comfort and adaptability: Thermoplastic gutta-percha is comfortable and non-irritating,
Product ingredients
Thermoplastic resin: The main component of thermoplastic gutta-percha, it has the characteristics of plasticity and heat molding, allowing it to adapt to different oral shapes and needs.

Fillers: In order to increase the strength and stability of thermoplastic gutta-percha, such as glass fiber, nanoparticles, etc. Helps improve the wear resistance and compressive strength of the product.

Thermoplastic  is a material that has been scientifically and clinically proven, and its properties and applications have been widely recognized. It provides a reliable solution for tooth restoration and provides patients with beautiful, comfortable and long-lasting restoration results.

scientific nursing
Keep your mouth clean 24 hours a day. If there is a yellowish or light color, our thermoplastic teethers can soothe stains, freshen your mouth, and rebalance your mouth.

Before using thermoformed teethers, I suffered from tooth loss that was so embarrassing that I had to grit my teeth in social situations.
However, since I started using Thermoforming Teether, it is so easy to use, I just heat it and mold it to the contours of my mouth. It fits my gums perfectly and feels like my natural teeth. It changed my life and I highly recommend it to everyone.

John Weir is from the United States, but an accident caused him to lose a front tooth, which made him feel uncomfortable and uneasy, affecting his self-confidence and life. Fortunately, he found a solution—thermoplastic gutta-percha. Not only did it restore his smile, it also restored his confidence. Thermoplastic teethers are easy to use and cheap. With the help of thermoplastic teethers, Shu can smile with confidence and happiness.

How To Use:

  • 10ml - * Solid Glue for False Teeth
  • Depending on the size of the missing teeth, take 8-14 granules of Thermal Forming Shapeable Teether and put them in boiling water (80℃/176℉).
  • Take it out when it becomes translucent.
  • Mold it into the shape of the missing or broken teeth.
  • Cool it in the air or wash it with cold water for a few minutes until the material becomes hard. Then, wear it.
  • When using it as a temporary filling, repeat the thermal forming process, fill the gaps in the teeth with the melted material, and then use ice cubes to harden it quickly.
  • TIPS: If you want the color of the temporary teeth to be more natural, you can use boiling tea or coffee water to dye it. The material is reusable. You can reheat it and remold it for multiple uses. Package Included:
    1 Dental glue - 30ml (100g)


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